Jumat, 12 November 2010

Vaccines cause autism (email from a mother)

for the Couple YOUNG. uncle and aunt who have a niece ... or even the expectant mother ... need read about autism .. Could the share to which still have small children so be careful ... ... .. After time-consuming activity, only now can I get some free time to read the book "Children with Starving Brains" by Jaquelyn McCandless, MD who translated and published by Grasindo.

It turns out that I bought the book in Gramedia bookstores for Rp. 50,000, - it really opened my eyes, and unfortunately, unfortunately rising after my son Joey (27 months) was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Part one, chapter 3, of the book really made me cry. During the first 6 months of his life (August 2001 -
February 2002), Joey get 3 times the injection of Hepatitis B vaccine, and 3 times the injection of Hib vaccine. According to the book (pages 54-55) found two kinds of vaccines my child received within the first 6 months of life was positively containing preservative Thimerosal, which consists of Etilmerkuri syndrome is a major cause of Autism Spectrum Disorder that exploded in the early 1990s.
Thimerosal-containing vaccine itself was banned in America since akir 2001. How sad to me, my children waiting for 6-year presence, was born and vaccinated in a hospital a nice big, famous, and expensive in Karawaci Tangerang, with the hope of obtaining the best treatment, turned out to be "poisoned" by Mercury with a veil of vaccination.
Luckily I was able to give milk until now, so Joey did not suffer severe Autism. But still, until now he had not spoken, should be abstinence diet gluten and casein, have ABA therapy, Occupational, and seems to be coupled with an overall diet supplements are very costly.
I just want to urge pediatricians in Indonesia, officials at the Department of Health, please read the book on top of that, and please destroy all vaccines still contain Thimerosal. Do not get (and it is not impossible is already happening) who did not run out the remaining stock in the United States is exported to Indonesia at a low price and campaigned up to the community health centers such as for example Hepatitis B vaccine, which is now being actively campaigned-jealous to the rural areas.
To the parents and prospective parents, let us be proactive, and assertif by refusing vaccines containing Thimerosal, try to negotiate with our pediatrician, ask for Hepatitis B and Hib vaccines that do not contain Thimerosal.
Also please e-mail address is forwarded to those who will become parents, so as not to suffer the same fate as me. Once again, lest we lose a generation of children of the nation, especially if they come from low income families are to eat it especially difficult to finance the cost of supplemental therapy, ABA therapy, Occupational, a specialist Autism (a waiting list until months -months), which amount to jutaaan rupiah per month.
Lastly, please prayer for Joey and hundreds, even thousands of friends senasibnya in Indonesia is now struggling to free themselves from the shackles of Autism.
"Let's share with others ... Show Them That WE care!"

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