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Autism Symptoms

Children with autism may appear normal in the first year or second year of his life. Parents are often aware of a delay in language skills and specific ways that different when playing and interacting with others. These children may become very sensitive or even unresponsive to stimuli-rangasangan of the five senses (hearing, touch, smell, taste and sight).

Repetitive behaviors (hand flapping or finger-flapping, body rocking and repeating the words) can also be found. Behavior can become aggressive (either to yourself or someone else) or even very passive. Most likely, the previous behaviors that are considered normal may be additional symptoms. Besides playing a repetitious, limited interest and social barriers, a few other things that has always been attached to the persons with autism are responses that are not fair to the sensory information they receive, for example, the voices of noise, light, surface or texture of a certain material and certain flavors in the food into their favorite.
Some or all of the characteristics mentioned below can be observed in the autistic spectrum along well with the conditions of the lightest to the heaviest ones.
1. Barriers in communication, for example: speak and understand language.
2. Difficulties in dealing with other people or objects around it and linking the events that occurred.
3. Playing with toys or other objects are not fair.
4. Difficult to accept changes in routine and environment that are recognized.
5. Move your body or the presence of repetitive patterns of behavior of certain
Of persons with Autism and its spectrum is very diverse both in capabilities, level of intelligence, and even behavior. Some are not 'talk' while some others may be limited to the language so often found repeating words or phrases (echolalia). Those who have high language skills generally use the themes of the limited and difficult to understand abstract concepts. Thus, there is always a unique individuality of individuals disabling.
Apart from the various characteristics of the above, there is direction and guidance for parents and practitioners to more waspasa and concerned about the visible symptoms. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) in the United States said the 5 types of behavior to watch out for and the need for further evaluation:
1. Children do not mumble until the age of 12 months
2. Children do not show the ability of gestural (pointing, chest, holding) until age 12 months
3. Children do not say a word until the age of 16 months
4. Children are not able to use two sentences spontaneously at the age of 24 months
5. Children lose language skills and social interaction at a certain age
The existence of the five 'red light' above does not mean that the child bears the characteristics of autism but because of autism disorders is very diverse so a child must receive a multidisciplinary evaluation which may include; neurologist, psychologist, Pediatrics, Speech Therapy, Paedagog and other professionals who understand autism issues.

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