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Causes of Autism

Number of children affected by autism grew older. In Canada and Japan are at 40 per cent increase since 1980. In California alone in 2002 concluded there were 9 cases of autism per-day. With the growing method of diagnosis is almost certainly the number of children affected by autism will be found even greater. The amount mentioned above is very worrying given until now the cause of autism is still mysterious and a matter of debate among experts and doctors in the world.

For example, the debate that occurred lately revolves around the kemunkinan causes of autism caused by vaccination of children. Researchers from the UK Andrew Wakefield, Bernard Rimland of America to conduct research on the relationship between vaccination especially MMR (measles, mumps rubella) and autism. Other studies refute the results of the investigation but some autistic child's parents are not satisfied with such denials. Jeane Smith (USA) testified before the U.S. Congress: autistic disorders have become epidemic in this country - I and many parents of children with autism penderta believe that their children affected by autism is caused by a reaction from vaccination.
Many experts do the research and declared that the seed autism existed long before the baby was born even before vaccination. The disorder is confirmed in observations by several families of genes with autism. Patricia Rodier, embryologist from America that the correlation between autism and birth defects caused by thalidomide concluded that brain tissue damage may occur at the beginning of 20 days during the forming fetus. Another researcher, Minshew found that in children with autism affected the central part of the brain that controls memory and emotion becomes smaller than in normal children. This study concluded that the disorder of brain development has occurred in the third semester of pregnancy or during childbirth.
Karin Nelson, an American neorology investigate the protein entered the brain from blood samples newborns. Four samples of protein from normal infant has a small protein content but the next four samples have high protein content which was later found that infants with this high-protein content of the brain develop into autism and mental retardation. Nelson concluded that autism occurs before the birth of a baby.
Currently, researchers and autistic child's parents may feel relieved to recall the attention of major countries in the world of autism disorder became very serious. Previously, autism disorders are considered only as a result of treatment of an authoritarian parent to his son. In addition, advances in technology allow to perform research on the causes of autism are genetically and metabolically. In May 2000 the researchers in the United States found a pile of brain proteins in newborn infants who later developed into a child's autism. This finding may be key in finding the primary cause of autism so that preventive measures can be done.

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