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Death by Cigarette - Countless studies conducted to determine the impact of smoking on physical and emotional health. An estimated one-fifth of people in the world every year die from smoking-related defect.
If not to kill, at least not smoking will reduce your rights to healthy longer. In addition, smoking will also aggravate the disease you are suffering.
 Research shows that cigarette smoke contains around 4,000 chemicals, including various toxic in very small doses. In every puff, these toxins will enter through the lungs, and then forward to the whole body through blood vessels. Some of these toxins known as free radicals.
The latest research done by researchers from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan showed that carcinogenic substances in cigarettes, called NNK causes lung cancer.
"NKK make the accumulation of a protein called DNMT1 in the cell nucleus. Furthermore, DNMT1 would make the gene into tumor cells, "researchers said in a report published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. The researchers also found high levels of DNMT1 in lung cancer patients with a bad diagnosis.
Meanwhile, the nicotine in tobacco smoke causes the adrenal glands produce hormones that increase blood pressure and heart rate so your heart work harder. This is one reason why smokers' risk of suffering a heart attack and stroke.
Smoking also reduces your ability to stay in shape for spending the necessary oxygen to refresh your body and your brain.
A study by British researchers found that smokers who contracted HIV two times faster to get the onset of AIDS compared with nonsmokers.
Poison In Cigarette
Toxins are in the bladder than in inhaled smoke.
Inhaled cigarette smoke contains many substances that are very dangerous as, tar, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, heavy metals and free radicals. Each of these substances can damage the body in various ways.
Brown and sticky Tar contains many chemicals that are known to cause cancer. And also contains benzopyrene which causes stains on teeth, fingernails and lung tissue. It causes damage to the mouth, teeth, gums, and digestive system.
Osteoporosis disease also caused by cigarettes by stealing calcium from bones resulting in fractures to the smokers. Especially dilipatan highly vulnerable groin cracks and avascular necrosis, which is due to the chaos that diakibat bone death.
Because carbon monoxide is a major component of smoke, which has the capability
hemoglobin binding is very high. This resulted in reduced oxygen
is carried by the blood. Because of reduced oxygen is carried by every cell in
blood, blood makes the heart pump harder to circulate throughout the body
oxygen into every cell of the cell throughout the body.
Other chemicals contained in smoke that can damage the lungs include hydrocarbons, nitrous oxides, organic acids, phenols and oxidizing agents. Free radicals are chemicals that can damage the heart muscle and blood vessels. when mixed with cholesterol, resulting in the risk of damage to the arteries, and eventually cause heart disease and stroke. Tobacco smoke contains harmful heavy metals such as arsenic and highly cadmium. Most of these heavy metals diketaui as a cause of cancer.
Tar contained in smoke can trigger cancer of the throat. Cigarette smoking causes increased spending acid in the stomach. Smokers are at high risk of deadly pancreatic cancer. Many of the causes of cancer from cigarettes excreted through urine, dmana content of these chemicals in the urine can cause bladder cancer. which is often fatal. High blood pressure caused by smoking can damage the kidneys.
Cigarette damage reproductive system
Effects that can harm from cigarette smoking are particularly female reproductive system damage. Many smokers women experience irregular menstrual periods. Fertility becomes disrupted and the monopuse occur one or two years earlier.
The risk of cervix cancer is also increasing for women aged over 35 years. And an increased risk of stroke and heart attack if they are heavy smokers. Male smokers will experience a decrease in sperm count, and many abnormal sperm with very low motility. And has also had decreased male sexual arousal or even become impotent.
Smokers body's immune system weakened and vulnerable to free radicals. A smoker takes a long time to recover from illness than people who do not smoke cigarettes causes decreased bone density, skin becomes dry and loses its elasticity due to lack of circulation. The emergence of wrinkles on the face is a common occurrence.
Even the most serious risks that can happen is the birth of a disabled child if the mother is a smoker.

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