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Why Rosulullah Always Healthy During His life?

So far, we recognize two forms of treatment. Treatment prior to contract the disease / prevention (At thib Al wiqo `i), and treatment after contracting the disease (at thib al` ilaji). Now, with the example of Prophet diet, we actually are undergoing therapy with disease prevention food. (Attadawi ghidza `bil.) It's certainly far better than we have to "connect" with chemical drugs.

In each activity and the pattern of his life, the Prophet had been prepared to be role models for all human beings., Included in the diets. True, only the food business. But if the diet, the Prophet and then have a healthy body, strong, and able to defeat the wrestlers, it seems we have to think again to say just. This is not a trivial matter. Because one important factor supporting the Messenger of physical excellence is his intelligence in choosing the food menu and adjust their consumption patterns.

The first thing to be a Prophet is a daily menu of fresh air at dawn today. It is well known that the morning air is rich with oxygen and has not been contaminated by other substances. It was a very big impact on the vitality of someone in their activities during the day. So do not be surprised when we do not wake up at dawn the day, we become so lazy seem to indulge. Furthermore, the prophet uses Miswak to maintain oral health and teeth.

Remove from dawn, the Prophet opened his breakfast menu with a glass of water mixed with a tablespoon of honey. Extraordinary usefulness. In the Koran, the word "Syifa" / healing, which is produced by honey, disclosed by isim nakiroh, which means the general, overall. In the review of the health sciences, honey befungsi cleanse the stomach, intestines turn, cure constipation, hemorrhoids and inflammation. In terms of arabic, honey known as "al hafidz al amen", because it can heal burns.

Login dluha time, the Prophet always ate seven eggs dates ajwa `/ mature. The words of Allaah, those who ate seven eggs palm, it will be protected from the poison. And this is proven when a Jewish woman put poison in the food the Prophet in an assassination attempt in the war of Khaibar, the poison is ingested by him and then can be neutralized by substances contained in the dates. Bisyir ibn al-Bara ', one friend who did eat the poison, eventually died. But Allah saved. What's the secret? Seven grains of dates!

In a study in Egypt, the cancer did not spread to areas where the population consumes a lot of dates. Later proved that dates have substances that can kill cancer cells. So do not be surprised if God told Mary ra, to eat dates when her pregnancy. Because it is good for the health of the fetus.

Previously, the prophet always break their fast with a glass of milk and dates, then pray maghrib. Both types of food that is rich in glucose, so that direct sugar substitute substances are dry after a day of fasting. Glucose was suadah quite filling, so that after the maghrib prayer, will not be excessive if it intends to eat again.

By late afternoon, the next Messenger menu is vinegar and olive oil. Of course not just vinegar and olive oil, but also in consumption of staple foods, like bread for example. The benefit many, including preventing weak bones and dementia in old age, constipation launched, destroying cholesterol and facilitate digestion. He also serves to menncegah cancer and maintain body temperature in winter.

There are interesting stories in connection with fig and olive fruit, which God swears by them. In the Quran, the word "at tin" there is only one time, whereas the word "az Zaytun" in repeated up to seven times. An expert then do the research, the conclusion, if the substances contained in the tin and olives together in the human body with a ratio of 1:7, yields a "ahsni taqwim", or the perfect body, as stated in the letter at tin. Subhanallah! Shaykh Ahmad Yasin was one who routinely consume these foods, so it is natural that he stays healthy, strong and so deter the Jews, though paralyzed since childhood. If only he was not paralyzed, perhaps already exhausted the Jews of Israel.

At night, the Messenger main menu are vegetables. Some histories say, belaiau always eat there al Makki and sanut. You know the name? In Egypt, he said. Musthofa, both similar to the sabbath and ba `dunis. Still do not know well? Dr. Musthofa then explain, in general, vegetables contain substances and the same function, namely to strengthen the immune system and protect it from disease attack. So, as long as his name vegetables, as long it is lawful, God willing, highly nutritious. So, fans of kale and spinach do not panic. The traders also sprouts do not need to move the bow. OK?

Besides the mandatory menu above, there are several types of food that the Prophet but he preferred not to consume them regularly. Among tsarid, namely a mixture of bread and meat with gravy cooking water. So yes something like chicken porridge that was it. Then he also enjoys eating fruit yaqthin or gourd, which proved able to prevent diabetes. Then he is also happy to eat grapes and hilbah.

Now go on to how to consume them. This is not as important as selecting the menu. For any high nutrition, if the irregular consumption pattern, the result will be bad too. The most important thing is to avoid isrof, or excessive. Prophet said, "is sufficient for a couple of bites of food that humans, even if has to eat, then a third for food, drinking water and one third to one-third more for breath" (Al Hadith). When someone is too much food, the stomach will be full and breathing was not good, so that the substances contained in those foods to be not functioning properly. Impact, physical condition becomes not prime, and aktifitaspun not be maximal. Dr. Musthofa stressed that assyab `u, which means it's not full of al imtila`, or comply. But satisfied is inadequate body by substances that are needed, according to the proportion and size. So it's important, do not glut!

Then the Prophet also forbade to idkhol at thoam alatthoam, aka eating again after the full. One day, in the period after the death of the prophet, the companions visited 'A'ishah. At that time daulah Islamiyah has been such a vast and prosperous. Then, while waiting A'ishah, the companions, who have become rich men, telling each other about their diet and increased manifold. 'A'ishah, who heard about it all of a sudden cry. "What makes you cry, O mother?" Asked the friend. 'A'ishah then said, "formerly Prophet never filling his stomach with two types of food. When you are satisfied with bread, he will not eat dates, and when it is replete with dates, he will not eat bread. " And research has shown that the gathering of different kinds of food in the stomach has spawned a variety of diseases. So you should not easily be tempted to eat again, if you are sure that you are already full.

Hereinafter, the prophet did not eat two foods or two types of hot and cold food simultaneously. He also did not eat fish and meat at a time and also do not go to sleep after dinner, because it is not good for the heart. He also minimize the consumption of meat, since too much meat is bad in the joints and kidneys. Messages Umar "Do you make your stomach as a graveyard for animals!". Chickens, goats, cattle, buffalo are all entered. Kan sorry tuh, neighbors do not miss out. Hehehe ... not ding! That was not good for health.

So that's it, folks. This is perhaps just a little. There are many healthy lifestyle ala Rasulullah we can learn. This time, Dr. Musthofa is devoted to diet and how to consume them. From here we can know that in fact the Prophet is concerned about nutrition and diet. And in the middle mengaburnya spirit to follow the sunnah of the apostle, this could be a spirit to start turning it on again. Moreover, the menus are shown to be accountable health. Well, still less scientific?

(Excerpted from the Public Lecture "ghidza` unnabi "by Prof.. Dr. Musthofa Romadlon at Wisma Nusantara, Cairo. Egypt) This paper was written by Muhammad As'ad Mahmud, Lc.

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