Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

Cigarette Making Indonesian People So Poor

you agree or not, Indonesia is a haven for smokers. The only country in Southeast Asia that did not sign the agreement or the World Health Organizations World Health Organization (WHO) to stop smoking is Indonesian. The reason? Local tobacco industry provides hundreds of thousands of jobs and taxes from cigarettes contributes 10-30 percent of government revenue.

There are interesting facts about the smoking behavior of our society the lower classes. Based on a survey of FE UI Demographic Institute, one of two poor households allocate 20 percent of their income on smoking. Results of other studies mentioned in the month of Indonesia's poor spend money on cigarettes Rp 117 thousand.
This figure is greater than the direct cash assistance (BUT), which only amounted to USD 100 thousand per month. Somewhat similar to the recognition Karel, spending on tobacco occupy second priority after buying rice. Allegedly, BLT received half instead used to buy cigarettes, not for medical expenses, education, and others.
The survey also showed that spending on the poor on cigarettes 17 times compared to buying meat, 15 times higher than health spending, and 9 times compared to education spending. That is probably why the poor difficult to finance education and can not eat nutritious food because of buying cigarettes. Not only undermine the lungs, smoking also appeared to make the poor poorer in Indonesia. Imagine, poor people in Indonesia are willing to starve for the sake of cigarettes.
Research from the Association of Indonesian Public Health (IAKMT) mentions, 40 percent of smokers in Indonesia comes from small-income groups. These horrible facts can not be separated from the very inexpensive price of cigarettes in Indonesia than other countries in the world, so that even the poor class can buy it. Only with 10 thousand rupiah, the Indonesian people can get a pack of cigarettes, can even buy a stick with a cheaper price.
Besides undermining the poor wallet, cigarettes also third cause of death in Indonesia. Indonesia Cancer Foundation noted, the current lung cancer ranks third after cervical cancer and breast cancer. Yet lung cancer first came in fifth. Known also nine of 10 from lung cancer are smokers, and six of whom were not among the haves. So have all the downturn was complete. Never mind the poor, unhealthy, cancer as well.
Necessary efforts from various parties to alleviate this problem. The government should make strict rules about smoking. Burden the tobacco industry with high taxes, remains not the main solution. Prohibit smoking in public places, was also not effective to reduce the number of smokers. Required strict regulation for new smokers do not increase. In addition, of course, needed the power of love between each other-especially from family members to remind each other that cigarettes not only harm the health, but also increase poverty.

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