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Secret Behind HIV Vaccine

William Campbell Douglas, MD, Doctor of the Year 1985 version of the National Heatlh Federation's 1985, succeeded in dismantling the American behavior. Penggeledahannya come to the conclusion that the HIV virus were born from the biology lab at the military base Fort Detric, Maryland, Amerika.HIV / AIDS pandemic has now become out of control. And, to prevent infected children worldwide HIV vaccine injected from the bodies of people living with HIV. Similarly beber American doctor, Stephanie Cave and Deborah Mitchell in the book: "What Your Doctor Maynot Tell You About Children's Vaccination".

On October 26, 1986, The Sunday Express includes essays entitled "AIDS made this Lab Shack." In this article, Dr. John Seal and Professor Jacob Seagull, former director of the Institute of Biology at the University of Berlin, concluded that the AIDS virus is actually made in America.

This was reinforced Alan Cantwell Jr., through his book "AIDS and the Doctors of Death" (1988) and "Queer Blood" (1993) which won the Benjamin Franklin Book Award 1994.

Innocent boys were injected with the virus taken from the patient's blood fluid of AIDS / HIV, Hepatitis B, Herpes, etc. which generally embrace free sex, drinking alcohol, narcotics, and the like.

The virus then cultured in media such as monkey kidney, pig stomach, kidney, dog, cow anthrax, using aborted human fetal tissue, added mercury / thimerosal / mercury or heavy metals preserved.

Finally, no other vaccine is big business. Agency for international high-tech researcher Frost & Sullivan estimates that the share of world human vaccine will be stronger than 2, 9 billion USD in 1995, jumped to more than 7 billion USD in 2001.

Besides business, vaccine production industry is also part of a weapon of war. Precisely biological weapons (biobom).

DR Keneth Alibek, Program Manager at the Battle Memorial Institute, USA explains, "biological weapons are weapons of mass destruction-based viruses, rikettsia, fungi or toxins produced by living organisms."

In the modern era, before during and after the first and second world wars, many countries have developed and tried to use biobom on his enemies.

UK, Japan, Germany, Russia, Iraq, America recorded ever develop and use them.

Vaccine proved cruel weapons in the Gulf War. The Guardian reported that French troops are only in anti-Arm uniform biological attack without the vaccination, suffered from Gulf War syndrome, only 140 of 25,000.

Compare this with the British army of 5000 of a total of 52,000 American troops and as many as 137,862 of the 697,000 troops who provided the vaccinations.

In 1972, President Richard Nixon is a signatory to the BTWC, which forbids the use and development of biological weapons and toxins. Nixon was also shut down the center of the development of biological weapons at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

The Convention was held because of the development of biological weapons among the American-led Western bloc and Eastern bloc leaders of the Soviet Union in the Cold War era that was alarming.

Moreover, the evidence submitted by the Soviet Union that U.S. troops use chemical weapons in Vietnam, then in Laos and Cambodia, it is difficult to deny. Americans also use biological weapons in the Korean War, the early 1950s, in order to block the rate of North Korean and Chinese troops.

Analysts believe the United conceal his weapons program by using the shield pharmaceutical companies in the country. That is, research the development of weapons that never stop.

As written in a journal by Professor Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, a biological weapons expert from the State University of New York; "The United States and the international community did not really seek the prohibition of biological weapons."

Belang United States has ever revealed when the war broke out between Iran and Iraq in the 1980s. Membeking American-led Iraq Saddam Hussein with money, intelligence, conventional weapons and chemical and biological weapons.

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